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Feed me on Slack Slack App with your Images. I’ll show it on your website. Storytelling has never been easier!

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How it works

We all want to tell our story. But handling social media accounts and user rights can be daunting. On the other hand we love Slack. Wouldn't it be nice to share images with it? With Kurtli you can. Kurtli will magicaly show them on your website. In two easy steps you're ready...

Step 1

Add Kurtli to your Slack Team & start posting

Once added to your Slack Team, Kurtli will appear as the new Channel #kurtli-feed. Now your team can start posting images.

Step 2

Kurtli publishes your images on your website

Put the Kurtli code snippet somewhere on your website once. From this point Kurtli will load your images from Slack and publish them on your website as a widget.

Start storytelling!

Demo Time!

Kurtli at work for the Effinger Coworking Space. Visit the Effinger Website

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Meet Kurtli's Team

Mastermind Marco

Entrepreneur, developer and teacher: Marco codes, thinks and cares about Kurtli. He had the initial idea and recruited the Team.

Codeking Andreas

If he doesn’t spend time with his family, kitesurfing and other fun stuff, Andreas helps both with Front End and Back End stuff.

Beauty Doc Mr. Bürli

Kurtli is maybe not the prettiest, but at least very swiss: Mr. Bürli is responsible for all the design, UX/UI and marketing stuff.

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